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DOTA League players about balancing?

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Napisano 10 October 2017 - 14:42


Can anyone give a reasonable sum of things that make dota harder and LoL easier?

I understand it is more complicated with item builds and you can do more with mobs and you have trees etc. but it also has less skillshots. So it kinda sounds like a long read of mechanics and getting used to them while in LoL i feel like that your skill as an individual and as a teamplayer matter more. Someone said LoL is about spaming abilities for ex. I've seen ppl do that but if you can dodge or they cant even aim spaming only helps the enemy.

So yea, some reasonable comparison from someone who played both games would be nice. If there is such a person.

P.S. im tempted to try dota 2 despite the fact its boring as F just to know more about it. Can anyone recommend good heroes for newbies in dota 2?
Please help.


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