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Dota 2 Camera Height/Zoom BUG

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Napisano 01 February 2018 - 11:28

My camera height/zoom is not adjusting to the height of the map properly like it used to, this only started to happen a few days ago, after one of the patches. The camera is locked to a specific height/zoom.

For example, if I walk into a part of the map that is higher, e.g. the dire jungle, the game looks zoomed in and decreases my game vision ALOT and if I move into the part of the map with the lowest height (the river), the game looks zoomed out as though it's in spectator mode.

I literally have no field of vision in some parts of the map because of this. I've been testing moving to different heights, on occasion, it jerks after a while and adjusts the camera slightly to update the camera height, but not correctly.

This is an extremely annoying bug and makes the game unplayable for me, i've updated my graphics drivers, uninstalled-reinstalled.

Would appreciate some help, my holidays just started and I can't play!
Please help.

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