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Napisano 25 December 2017 - 09:43

Dungeon Fighter Online 2 is currently rumored to be in development by a company called Thingsoft. You don't know if it's true, because it's just a rumor. As a player, you should try your best to play $k3&f5f DFO better. Well, if you are looking for a best seller for Dungeon Fighter Online Gold to join the next game party, is sure to be you best choice. And we really hope you can get something valuable from our daily news sharing.

According to Reddit, Dungeon Fighter Online 2 is currently rumored to be in development by a company called Thingsoft, an in-house part of Neowiz. According to the original post (via Google Translate), the company began hiring developers as early as January 2017.
This is good news for those who were watching GeStar 2016 when Nexon posted a shadow image that clearly represented DFO Online characters and new DFO gold will also appear.

The post goes on to give a few thoughts about what DFO2 could look like:

likely to retain side-scrolling action
updated graphics for a new generation of PCs
sophisticated battle system
3D dungeons
It remains unclear whether this will be a true sequel, or even an MMO.

What are your thoughts about the news? Would you enjoy seeing a sequel to Dungeon Fighter Online? For more fresh news about the Dungeon Fighter Online, visit What’s more, Once you decide to buy DFO Gold on it, you will enjoy the 100% safety guarantee. Your personal information such as contact way and payment method will be protected severely. Any private message gets no way to be leaked out as we always respect every customer.

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