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Napisano 10 January 2018 - 04:48

Besieged buy wow gold cheap Spire Celestial Plane(1) Celestial Portal Used to enter and leave the Celestial Plane.(2) Ascendent Warlock A dangerous spell casting lich. When killed, it has the following items:Frost SaltsVoid SaltsGrand Ring of SteelskinStrong Potion of FortitudeStrong Potion of HealingStrong Poison of SilenceIce Blast scrollLegendary Spell Reflection scrollLegendary Soul Trap scrollWarlock StaffWarlock Skull(3) Warlock Coffer This contains a Flawless Topaz, Flawless Sapphire, Flawless Emerald, Flawless Diamond, three Flawless Pearls, three Flawless Rubies, Void Salts, two Frost Salts, Warlock Spellmaker, Warlock Sy Glyph, random flawless gems and a chance of Gold, gems, more flawless gems, ingredients, alchemical apparatus, magic armour, magic weapons, magic jewellery, potions, staff, soul gems and spell scrolls.
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