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Blade & Soul: Discussion of Chi Master

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Napisano 13 April 2016 - 06:43

Question 1 How is the demand for a CM in Dungeons? Are they useful?

Answer: There really isn't demand like there is for KFM or Warlocks. They are still useful though. They have a double stun, a knock down, heals out the ass, and a resurrect if need be. You need make Blade and Soul gold as much as you can.

Question 2 How is it in terms of DPS? Is content as solo-able as other class, etc.

Answer: It isn't ranged class good, but it's very good. In the upper echelon really.

Question 3 How does it perform in Overworld Faction areas (e.g. SSP)? Especially considering melee classes get the short end of the stick in those areas.

Answer: They can go ranged, but their big dick damage comes in melee form. Similar to Warlock's Z, they have a barrier that lasts for 5 seconds or 5 attacks. Plenty of iframes as well. If there is a melee class that will have the most success on terror monsters, it would be a Chi Master. Dunno about 3.5.

Question 4 How is it in arena? 1v1s? 3v3s? Does it have lockdown, does it just chip, etc.

Answer: Jaesung has some videos on it. Has a bit of both. I've seen him 100-0 people, and I see him chip away at them. You abuse CM mobility due to them have 6 dashes.

Question 5 Finally, do you think it's worth to re-roll this class based solely on it's viability? I can already assume I'll like the class because of the playstyle, but I don't want to hinder my gameplay because the class itself may be weak/not viable.

Answer: No. I intend on rerolling CM because the class looks fun and engaging. Nothing else really matters. I recommend this post for visual aid.

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